Hard Landscaping

Creating attractive spaces using innovative products, delivered in a high quality environment.

At Thomas Bow we have decades of experience in commercial hard landscaping within the public sector. Working with clients to create quality landscapes that complement commercial properties and the environment they reside within for example commercial properties, business parks, retail parks, hotels and private hospitals. We offer our hard landscaping services across Derby, Leicester & Nottingham.

We are one of the most experienced providers of hard landscaping across the East Midlands – Having recently completed projects in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester.

We work with our clients from the initial concept all the way through to completion. Having successfully delivered projects to an exceptional standard with our unparalleled management and operational capabilities including the following:

Hard Landscaping 

Often referred to as hardscaping involves the non-plant material used in landscaping such as a park or garden. Including both conventional and natural stone paving. Often overlooked hardscaping allows for a more stable base but it will also solve the bulk of many basic purposes- diverting water and drainage, the basis of your outdoor living spaces, preventing erosion, and the very foundation you need to create a long-lasting space that brings your home value up.

Soft Landscaping

The soft landscaping is the more changeable, living part of your landscaping. The plants, the mulch, the dirt, the lawn, the trees and shrubs all makeup softscape materials. While there is no single method of how to balance hardscape and soft scape landscaping, harmony based on other outside influences will determine how you approach your weight with each element.

From concept to completion, we have successfully delivered projects to exceptional standards and our unparalleled management and operational capability includes:

  • Surfacing of Access Roads and Car Parks
  • Lighting including Architectural lighting
  • Aesthetic Structures, Features and Artworks
  • Street Furniture, Litter & Dog Waste Bins
  • Water Features

Public & Commercial Hard Landscaping Services

Offering a complete design and build packages or build only. For the more discerning client, we can offer the benefits of year-round facilities management packages, ensuring business continuity throughout the winter, whilst taking care of every aspect of your property and grounds maintenance needs as the seasons change. We offer our hard landscaping services in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester. 

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How do I prepare for hardscaping?

The most important thing when preparing for hardscaping is planning.  In some cases, a vase must be created before a project can start. Pavers and other stone projects require a concrete base that plays a role in the foundation. 

Can you do hardscaping in the winter?

There are many reasons why Autumn and Winter are the best times of year to start hardscaping projects. The major reason is timing, by hardscaping in colder months you will be able to reap the rewards come spring and summer. Timing the design and construction allows you to maximise your use of hardscapes. 

What is the difference between hardscaping and softscaping?

On the most basic level, it’s the difference between your lawn and your patio. Essentially hardscaping services cover landscaping elements that use heavy materials like stone and softscaping covers materials such as trees, flowerbeds and grass.