Lincolnshire Country Council

£1.7 million

16 weeks

Public Realm

Grantham Market Place Refurbishment

The first phase of a two phase contract, the works were constructed over a further two phases, each of which was broken down into several “mini” phases, minimising disruption to adjacent retailers.

The works commenced in the heart of Grantham and encompassed the busy Market Place before extending through Conduit Street and continued throughout the entire length of Union Street to the junction of North Street. The second phase commenced in Narrow Westgate and proceeded to the junction of Wide Westgate.

Critical to the success of this scheme was the ability to maintain access and egress to shops and business premises.

Making contact with local businesses, fortnightly community meetings were set up to streamline discussions and ensure key stakeholders were kept informed of developments and lessons learnt were quickly shared. An outcome of these meetings were that operatives provided help and support to businesses to assist with deliveries at critical times, helping both the businesses and also facilitating the works.

Thomas Bow City Asphalt completed the works four weeks earlier than Programmed and within budget.

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