Environment & Sustainability

At Thomas Bow City Asphalt we very much have our sights firmly set on the future, we recognise after 150 years in the industry, the importance of leaving a sustainable legacy that’s prepared for the many generations to follow. Our mission is to transform the built environment using sustainable, innovative and quality services, we aim to work collaboratively with our teams, customers, supply chain and communities.

We will continue to champion environmental and sustainable improvements by seeking opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint. From transforming our methods of transport, working with our supply chain on environmental sourcing of materials, utilising developments in technology and production techniques and to eliminate waste and take every opportunity to recycle in all aspects of the business.

Each job we undertake aims to:

  • minimise carbon footprint
  • eliminate pollutants
  • utilise sustainable sources for all materials
  • carefully handle any hazardous materials
  • follow our sustainability policy, part of our IMS, including BS EN ISO 14001
  • optimise the use of existing materials by recycling and re-using where possible.

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