Car Parks

From small offices to airports to shopping mall car parks our teams have the capability to deliver all aspects of car park construction.

At Thomas Bow we have a selection of clients from local authorities to private contractors, established in 1867 we have decades of experience in the construction, repair and maintenance of all types of infrastructure which can be applied to private access roads and car parks. We have a wide range of paving equipment and our skilled workers are eager to take on any size of project from footpaths to carriageways. 

Our experience in hard landscaping includes slab and block paving systems for all areas, covering all areas from main entrances to entire sites, incorporating all aspects of soft landscaping, planting and tree management. Some examples of the kinds landscaping we provide;

  • Footway construction
  • Car parks
  • Roundabout construction
  • Bus turning circles
  • Cycle paths
  • Street lighting
  • Hard & Soft landscaping
  • Creating new state of the art carriageways 
  • Car park surfacing 

We are service experts in car park surfacing and construction. Our expertise extends to the preparation, groundworks, drainage and surfacing to hard-standings, footpaths, farm roads and any area that requires a durable surface.

At Thomas Bow we can offer a wide range of different surfacing options for your car park. If you are unsure what surfacing option would be best suited for your car park, please contact us and one of our experts would be happy to advise you. We are able to offer our services for both private, commercial & public car parks. We can also offer services related to car park surfacing such as road surfacing, driveway surfacing & private road surfacing. Thomas Bow also has the ability to offer car park surfacing repair, refurbishment & maintenance.

We can also offer services on areas around your car park including but not limited to drainage works, road surfacing and public realm works. Thomas Bow has vast experience working on projects in Nottingham, Derby & Leicester.

We ensure to treat all of our surfaces correctly to ensure durability. At Thomas Bow we provide the highest quality service wherever you are in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. We often collaborate with local authorities and the government to ensure all work complies with the latest regulations.

Car park surfacing & construction

For a quote on Car Park Surfacing and to find out more information send us a message below. Our team operates car park surfacing services across Derby, Nottingham & Leicester.

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What is the best material for a car park?

Asphalt is the best material for a car park, it is tough and waterproof. Best known for its durability asphalt is the most popular choice for car parks and bridges, as it is high quality and low maintenance, unline concrete asphalt is not affected by freezing temperature. 

How long does it take to construct a car park?

If done efficiently a car park can be constructed within 16 weeks although it is best to leave it for a minimum of 2 weeks after in order for the materials to fully set and avoid any damage to vehicles or the surface.