Working on behalf of Derbyshire County Council, these works formed part of our Surface Work for Highways Framework Contract. Working nights, our task was to resurface two major roundabouts to the M1 J29 and J30 using a 10mm Polymer Modified Binder (PMB) surface material, road studs and road marking to complete.

A number of factors were critical to the successful delivery of this project; they were Traffic Management, Programming and Stakeholder Management and Communications.

Traffic Management – prior to the commencement of works contact was established with the Highways Authority, Network Management and long terms supply chain partners Moxon Traffic


Telephone: 0115 924 4555

Management. Traffic management measures were discussed and agreed, which included early warning notices, full closure of M1 entry slip roads along with associated diversionary routes, and lane closures and speed calming measures to carriageways approaching the islands in order to safely reduce the speed of approaching vehicles to 10mph.

Programming – timing was of paramount importance as each phase had to be completed and the M1 entry slip roads and associated lane closures must be re-opened by 06:00 each day to avoid costly disruptions to peak traffic travelling times. In order to ensure adherence to programme, duplicate Plant was retained on standby on site at all times to cope with unforeseen breakdowns in addition extra resources
in the form of standby crews.

Stakeholder Management and Communications – once established, open lines of communication were maintained throughout the delivery phase.

The works were completed safely, on time and within budget.

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Derbyshire County Council

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Highway Maintenance
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