Staffordshire County Council Framework

The management team at Thomas Bow City Asphalt are delighted to have won this new major framework agreement with client, Staffordshire County Council.

The scope of works within this agreement will included the provision of tarmacadam surfaces including all associated works, to County Council owned properties throughout the whole county of Staffordshire and will also consist of a responsive maintenance service, resurfacing and patch repairs to paved surfaces to sports surfaces, playground areas, car parks and access roads. Although it has yet to be confirmed, it is expected that this agreement will also include works for the emergency services.

The framework agreement will commence on the 1st April 2011 and will run through to 31st March 2014, provision has also been made to the possibility of a 1 year extension.

Alistair Bow commented “the new agreement with Staffordshire County Council represents a major win for the Company, and forms part of our strategic development plans for the next three years. Watch this space, because we expect further contract gains over the coming weeks!”


14th April 2011 – Thomas Bow City Asphalt have just secured the first project to be undertaken through this new agreement, which will entail the construction of two football pitches at Silverdale Colliery. The contract value is £320,000

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