Returning to Donington Park

After six years Thomas Bow City Asphalt have returned to Donington Park to resurface nearly 5000m2 of the track.

Following the successful takeover of Donington Park on an initial 21 year lease by Motor Sport Vision (MSV) earlier this year, Thomas Bow City Asphalt were requested to carry out the works to three areas of the track in need of repair. The works included the planing and resurfacing of three track areas including the ‘Craner Curves’, ‘Redgate’ and ‘McLeans’ all carried out by our experience race circuit teams laying in echelon format with three identical pavers. To improve the surface finish joint heaters were attached to the pavers enabling the longitudinal joint to be completely seamless.

Managing Director, Alistair Bow commented, ‘Having been away from the track for a number of years, its great to be working here again. I’m really excited for the next chapter in Donington’s history and hope to see the track thrive under the management of MSV.’

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