Press Release: Tatton Park Garden Scoops Gold!

Hosta Consulting’s ‘A drop of urban green’ garden wins best in category and gold medal at this year’s RHS Tatton Park Flower Show!

After two weeks of hard work constructing with Thomas Bow City Asphalt, Hosta Consulting’s first-ever RHS show garden has won best back-to-back garden and has been awarded a gold medal! The garden, entitled “A drop of urban green” represents what can be achieved in unused and unloved pockets of space in towns and cities across the world.

Research has found that pocket parks and green infrastructure are hugely important for cities. Pocket parks provide green corridors for biodiversity and help to cool and improve air quality. Any green spaces that use rain positively help to mitigate some of the localised flooding events that are becoming increasingly common in the built environment due to climate change.

Hosta Consulting took their inspiration from this to create ‘a drop of urban green’ at the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show. The award-winning garden will be relocated back to Nottingham after the show, to transform a space for the residents of Nottingham City Homes.

Ed Higgins, the garden’s designer said “We are delighted to have won both best back-to-back garden and a gold medal. It was completely unexpected as this is our first-ever time exhibiting at a flower show! We love the RHS’s Greening Grey Britain mission, and hope our pocket park represents a fine example of doing so, especially as the garden is continuing its journey onto Nottingham to further green our city.”

The team agree it would not have been possible without the support of Nottingham City Homes, and the hard work and commitment from Thomas Bow City Asphalt. The Nottingham-based firm was selected to construct the garden thanks to their commitment to External Environmental Improvements Framework for Nottingham City Homes. The team, led by Mick Matthews, have successfully delivered many schemes across Nottingham revitalising communal areas and gardens for residents.

Thomas Bow City Asphalt Managing Director Alistair Bow commented “It’s great to see this team getting an opportunity to compete at the show. We’ve been trading for nearly 150 years and it’s the first time we’ve been involved in an RHS Show. The team has worked so hard on schemes on our doorstep and deserves every recognition. We all look forward to welcoming the garden back to Nottingham.”

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