Nottinghamshire County Council Highways Framework

Thomas Bow City Asphalt recently secured a key position within Nottinghamshire County Council’s new ‘NCC Highways Framework’. The new agreement will be for 1 year starting 1st April 2011 and provisions for 12-month extensions have been included within the agreement.

The county of Nottinghamshire covers 805 square miles (2085 sq km) and the Highways Division is currently responsible for the management of the following assets:

• 4,200 km of roads
• 300 km of cycle paths
• 90,000 streetlights
• 88,000 road gullies
• Approximately 10,000 km of sewer

Thomas Bow City Asphalt will under the terms of this agreement, provide a number of services required by the Highways Dept to help reduce costs and job quotation and lead times.

Alistair Bow commented: “as the incumbent contractor for the outgoing NCC Highways Framework and not forgetting the fact that we are Nottingham’s largest independent Civil Engineering and Surfacing contractor we were of course keen to retain our inclusion in this new agreement. Our bid management and estimating teams worked tirelessly to identify cost benefits for NCC’s assets, which we believe ultimately led to our winning tender submission… moving forward, we are keen to continue our existing partnership with NCC’s Highways Division and our teams are all looking forward to the new year ahead.”

NCC Highways Dept budget for the year ending 2012 is anticipated to be worth in the region of £23m, which is expected to increase to £28m next year.

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