NCC Framework 2011 – 2013

Thomas Bow City Asphalt has been working in partnership with Nottingham City Council (NCC) for many years undertaking a wide range of Civil Engineering projects, which included being their incumbent Framework Contractor on the outgoing Highways Maintenance 2009 to 2011 contract, under which the Company successfully delivered more than forty-four schemes, with an estimated value of £3.5m for the Authority.

On 9th November 2011, the board of directors were delighted to regain their position on the new NCC Highways Maintenance 2011 to 2013 Framework Contract. But the good news didn’t stop there because TBCA were also awarded the Surfacing Contract within the Framework.

The Company believes that holding prime positions for both Civil Engineering and Surfacing within the new Framework is likely to generate at least the same if not higher revenues than that of previous years; despite the Government’s Spending Review earlier this year, which saw all Authorities forced into cutting spending by 20% plus over all departments.

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