M1 Emergency Work

As part of an on-going contract to support the Costain Galliford Try joint venture (CGT), Thomas Bow City Asphalt were called out to resurface a stretch of the M1 between Junction 16 and 19.

The agreement which began in the first quarter of 2016 makes Thomas Bow City Asphalt responsible for all emergency works on the M1 between junction 16 and 19 for the duration of the project due to finish March 2017.

Following a lorry crash in the early hours of the morning the call was made to our out of hours team at 7:00am who immediately diverted crews and arranged plant to be on site for midday.

Site Manager Glyn Froggatt and Compliance Manager Geoff Pink were deployed and on site within 4 hours of the initial call-out in advance of the planeing and surfacing crews to liaise with CGT and ensure the area was safe and ready.

The area contaminated with diesel was planed out and reinstated with all crews leaving the site at 16:00.

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