HeliOperations Airfield Refurbishment

Thomas Bow were delighted to work alongside consultant Burroughs on another airfield project, this time for HeliOperations down in Portland – a job with a view!

The client wanted to upgrade the existing heliport to acheive not just MAA (Military Aviation Authority) but CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approval so that Portland Airfield was no longer restricted to military aviation but could open up wider business avenues.

The project needed careful planning as the heliport needed to remain active for use during works. Meaning meticulous coordination from Thomas Bow as the Principle Contractor to align deliveries of material and works between unscheduled comings and goings of military aircrafts.

A Precondition Survey was also required to establish where any underlying cracks were that needed repair – this flagged up a total of 4.9km of cracks and damage. To limit reflective cracking, the client also wanted the heliport reinforced with ‘GeoGrid’ prior to the final surface course . The job took 3 weeks in total and required 2080 tonnes of material. Watch the video below to see the final result.

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