On 2nd December, TBCA was awarded the contract for the construction of a significant Section 278 Works in Bourne, Lincolnshire, part of the new Tesco Store development in this busy market town.

Working closely with key stakeholders, including Santon, Tesco, Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and LCC’s Signal Contractors, our Project Management team understood from the onset that programming would be critical to the successful delivery of this high profile Project. Work was scheduled to begin mid December, however due to heavy snowfall it was impossible for works to commence, instead it was re-scheduled to commence on 4th January.

Commencing works, TBCA was advised by Tesco that the new store was to be opened in honour of their Chairman who had recently announced his retirement. As such, the opening date of Monday


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21st February was of paramount importance. The Project Management Team responded by accelerating the works from 12 weeks to 7 weeks. Working ‘Day’ and ‘Night’ shifts, the construction team were determined to complete the scheme on time.

Soon after commencement, TBCA were contacted by Statutory Undertakers BT, who advised that they wished to lower fibre optic cables concurrently. Working closely with BT, our teams worked in other areas whilst BT completed theirs.

Two weeks, TBCA agreed a significant variation with the Client, transforming the Section 278 Works to full Highway Reconstruction. We re-programmed the works, drafting in additional resources to deliver a new ‘double accelerated’ programme. Tesco agreed to the additional works, which added £160,000 to the final account

A further variation was received mid way through the delivery phase, which increased the scope of our works to include a further 150 metres of drainage through the busy high street. Rising to the challenge again, the TBCA Project Management Team brought in additional resources in the form of Labour, Plant and Equipment, in order to deliver the triple accelerated programme. Tesco agreed to the additional works, which added £100,000 to the final account

The success of this project is very much attributed to the excellent partnerships the TBCA Project Management Team established with all stakeholders at a very early stage. By ensuring open lines of communication were maintained throughout the delivery phase, including the public, Client and other stakeholders, we are able to achieve substantial completion on Sunday 20th February, the new Tesco store opened as planned.

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