Acting as Principal Contractor, Thomas Bow City Asphalt (TBCA) undertook the construction of this complex scheme at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Objective: The objective was to cut back and make safe an encroaching embankment adjacent to the adjoining service buildings, which was now causing significant health and safety concerns to staff, patients and visitors alike, including the residential gardens that stood some 8m above the hospital grounds.

Issues: Resident Badgers Set and residential gardens to land above.

Solution: On appointment, TBCA undertook the monitoring of the resident Badgers Set for a period of 12 months, following which the Badgers were successfully relocated.

Undertaking the work in two phases, Phase 1 ‘enabling works’ commenced with bulk excavations and the removal of trees and vegetation, whilst Phase 2 saw the erection of a scaffold works platform (80m x 5m) to accommodate piling equipment along with in-situ concrete formwork. The rock was then drilled to a depth of 4.5m to facilitate the installation of king- post columns, which were then grouted with concrete.

Pre-cast concrete panels were craned into place between the king-posts to retain the material above the rock-face and once completed the scaffolding platform was removed and the site excavated back to sandstone rock to relieve the pressure on the service buildings and to provide a stable clean face.

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Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

email Icon £258,000
email Icon 12 weeks
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