Nottingham City and Derby City Council


2013 - 2016

Highway Maintenance

Nottingham Ring Road A6514

As part of our four year NEC3 contract to maintain Nottingham City (NCC) and Derby City’s (DCC) joint highways infrastructure, we played an active role in the design and construction of improvements to the A6514 (Nottingham City Ring Road). This project involved a number of works, each of which has specific considerations depending on factors such as traffic flow volume.

Following the successful application across many of the city’s roads we agreed to use Steelphalt as opposed to traditional hot rolled asphalt on the highly trafficked crown island (pictured above) to deliver a high quality durable product while providing significant costs savings.

NCC now run a programme in collaboration with us that analyses asset performance on various stretches of the ring road that are subject to a variety of traffic flows. Analysing the performance of traditional Hot Rolled Asphalt, Stone Mastic Asphalt and Steelphalt.

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